Following my previous article regarding the best coffee around Parnassus, I thought it would be even better to follow it up with the best coffee in all of San Francisco.

It was love at first sip. Moments like this remind me why I love coffee so much. The deep acidic aroma of the dark Turkish coffee stirred me while it bubbled in the cezve, a small pot designed specifically for Turkish coffee.

At a recent residency interview, a program director asked me if I had tried Swich, a new dessert destination in the Central Sunset.

While the word “lush” most often conjures up images of a night out with a lightweight pharm student, a new gelato joint on Polk Street has given the word new meaning.

Soft serve, the texturally challenged cousin to regular ice cream, often gets pushed to the wayside in favor of its heartier counterpart.

It’s strange how we tend to overlook gems in our own backyard, so for this installment of The Scoop, we brought one of UCSF’s finest Pathologists along to a nearby gelato shop, so that we wouldn’t miss even the most microscopic of details.

After our recent East Bay ice cream sandwich debacle (Synapse 4/17/14, “Dream vs CREAM”), the Scoop team approached our next tasting destination—Over The Moon—with a mix of hope and trepidation.

When I saw the confirmation e-mail in my inbox from Lazy Bear, my heart felt like I just won the Yerba Buena Dream House raffle!

Lemon season for the Bay Area is just around the corner and I usually find myself with an excess of lemons to use.  For reasons unfathomable to my roommates and me, the previous owners of our house planted not one, not two, but rather 11 lemon tre

CREAM is a Telegraph Avenue staple, serving a big scoop of ice cream sandwiched between two freshly baked cookies for the bare bones price of $2. The line regularly extends around the corner and down the block.