Park’s Farmers Market Changes Hands

School of Dentistry

Park’s Farmers Market, a local favorite at Fifth and Irving Streets, is changing ownership.  After more than 30 years running the beloved grocery store, Mr. and Mrs. Park are retiring.   Known for its great selection of fresh and inexpensive produce, the store will continue to operate with a similar vision under the new name of KJ Produce Market.

The new owners, Hana and Joe Kuk, were busy rearranging the store layout last Friday morning, their first day at the helm.  Joe Kuk, whose initials, KJ, are the origin of the new name, has 28 years of experience selling produce.  He and his wife are old friends of the Parks’ and seem to be keeping many of the same items on their shelves.  However, Joe said some big changes are planned.

“We’re getting new display cases for the fruit and vegetables and new shelves in the back, “ he said. “They’ll be much nicer.” 

Many students, while sad to see the Parks leave, have nevertheless offered an enthusiastic welcome to KJ Produce Market.

“There’s nowhere else around here where I can get those Asian vermicelli noodles,” said Pamela Bui (D3). “But the new owners (of Park’s) still have them!” 

Another regular costumer said he liked the new place a lot but added, “Now I can’t find the kidney beans, or the olives in the can.” 

As the Kuks get settled into their new place, please go offer your support to UCSF’s nearest and newest grocers.  I’m sure the kidney beans can be found in a convenient spot if you poke around a bit.