Breast Cancer Awareness Month: 'Let’s Rock the Pink Together'

School of Pharmacy

The month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, is coming to an end.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month was established to increase awareness of breast cancer, raise research funds for treatment and cure, and support individuals affected by breast cancer. 

Last year, my friend Reyna Raya, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2008 at the age of 45, created an event called “Let’s Rock the Pink Together.” She is asking everyone to wear something pink on Friday, Oct. 26, such as a hair ribbon, a T-shirt, bracelet, socks — anything that you can think of.  Then, take a picture and share it online to spread the word and to show support for breast cancer patients. 

“I think something that gets lost in a cancer experience is that it affects everyone, not just the person diagnosed, but the entire circle of friends and family,” said Raya. “After being diagnosed, I saw fear in my sons’ eyes. They wanted to know I was going to be OK. My friends were also devastated to know that I was going through this, and we spent a lot of time just trying to make sure everyone was OK emotionally.”

Today, Raya is 49 years old — and a second-year pharmacy student at the University of Southern California, busy helping patients and her community.  Her story not only encourages others to stay healthy, but also motivates and inspires us to stay strong in our daily lives.  So, to show support for this brave woman and for other brave individuals who are fighting breast cancer, “Let’s Rock the Pink Together!”