Heart shape ballon with text "Messages of Love"

Valentine's Day Messages


Honey Pie Sugar Bear (aka Ms. Poulos),

Thank you for tickling my perineum in all the right places!

Simon Ermakov,

You give me flushing bronchospasms/cardiac arrhythmias.

Cardio Small Group

Mr. Tim,

Coamear. You’re the best. I don't know what I’d do without you. Lj!

Mr. Craig


Glen Coco,

Not a day goes by when I am not inspired by you. Be mine? 

Dear Schmoopie,

So glad to have you in my life. Love, Schmoopie


May you always keep my wink in your heart.



Has anyone ever told you that you’re rockin' the Joan Cusack as principal look?

Jon Phuong,

You send me into an atrial flutter that even amiodarone can’t stop.

From: The guy who is waiting to hold your hand

Sarra — I love you!!!


Glen Coco — 4 will never be enough. Be my Valentine?

To every person who has made each day at UCSF amazing, faculty and house staff, administrative and academic, working in the cafeteria or behind a desk,

You are important, you are appreciated, and you are loved.


To the Staff, Fitness Instructors and my Group Fitness Classmates at Millberry Fitness Center:

My heart races whenever I’m around you ... LITERALLY!!! :)

I don’t know how I'd make it without your smiles and friendship. Happy Valentine’s Day!



You go, Glen Coco — you are as memorable as you are plot-irrelevant. 

I love you, Jeremy Lin.

Can't nobody tell me I'm doin’ wrong.


I’m still blushing like eosinophilia.



If I ate a slice of tiramisu for every time you made me smile, there would be a world mascarpone shortage. Also, I am confused about our relationship status, please call me ASAP.

~ Your husband

I love UCSF.


My legs flex only for you!

You go glen coco...on a date with me? 


Amy, Zarah, & Jessica,  You guys make my day! Thank you for your support & love. Couldn't ask for better friends.

~ Vane


Be my Valentine?

Theresa Poulos,

I’m a big fan of your crazy energy — every day I see you is brighter! You’re out of my world, but know I really like you!

~ Your Secret Admirer


To Team Synapse,

Your precious bon mots leave me breathless every week. I am grateful. 

Honey pumpkin — where's my paint can? 


I love you more than all the apple stickers in the world!


Feeling so much love for all my MS1s! LKS MZP JK SF AH LK BH, you girls rock.

Dear Prince Charming,

Still waiting.

~ Theresa

I love my dog Han!


Valentine reminder: Don’t forget to love yourself, and no, I'm not talking about Chat Roulette.

Larry Nazareno,

My husband of 33 years.

I loved then.

I love now.

I will love you tomorrow.

And I will love you forever.

Happy Valentine’s Day,

heart, Bev

Just when I thought I couldn't be any happier, I met you!

~ Izzy Real


Dear Maggie,

To the moon and back, babe!

Love, Adam

Her Name is D-Money,

She’s super-duper funny.

I tell her ‘Oh you fancy huh?’

She tells me ‘Word Up means I got you... DUH!!’

She’s teaching me how to swim,

So when I see Michael Phelps I can win,

I pay her back with desserts,

Oreo Surprise was our ‘firsts’

She also really likes banana pie,

And when we ate that it was gone in the blink of an eye

Next time I’ll make this more sincere and less cheesy

This is your boy, “Fresh Med Student” Ucheezy!! (Happy Valentine’s Dizzle!!)

I love you, Amy Higa!


Dear Mayank,

I love you more than words can say,

Wish you Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Love, Amrit

On Tet, my mom wished that I’d find a nice boyfriend this year. I think she means you! Happy Valentine’s Day.

~ Miss Hints