Polina Pulyanina

Polina Pulyanina: Candidate for Vice President, Community Health


The responsibility of the Vice President of Community Health (VPCH) within ASUC is threefold: to monitor all aspects relating to Student Health Services, to oversee ASUC-sponsored health fairs, as well as to provide assistance with other community health fairs.

As your ASUC VPCH, I will not only continue the work of the current Board in addressing issues of student health insurance, but I will also collaborate with the professional schools on campus to organize new interdisciplinary health fairs, allowing UCSF students to join forces on patient education.

The financial shifts within the UC system affect our own Student Health Services. The UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) projects a $57 million deficit that will result in increasing premiums for UC Student Health Insurance in the 2013-2014 plan year. With UCSF providing a smaller and older pool of insurance beneficiaries to the blanket UC SHIP, our campus may be disproportionately affected. I will diligently represent UCSF professional schools’ voice at the Student Health Service Advisory Committee to communicate our needs for balanced insurance premiums and benefits.

Health professions students today are practicing in a time of extensive health care reform, which requires expansion of interprofessional collaboration to provide effective patient care. I see this reform as an opportunity to engage students of the different branches of health care at UCSF to increase cohesion and deliver joint health fairs for the benefit of our community.

Through my experience in community service, project management, teamwork and efficient communication, I will earnestly serve the UCSF student body during the year as the ASUCSF Vice President of Community Health.