3 Ingredient Recipes

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In embracing my grad student identity, I began a search of potluck-worthy recipes that I could afford and claim as my own.

Disclosure: friends, remember those muffins I “made” for our first-year BBQ? Yeah...but no. My roommate, with the eggs and cream of tartar, baked those for me to pawn off as my own. Iwasdesperateguys!

So what went wrong that afternoon before the BBQ? Why am I the one always signing up for the utensils and napkins?

Why do I avoid cooking from scratch?

Because I can’t afford the flour, sugar, vanilla, cream of tartar, baking soda and paking powder, milk and eggs that otherwise I don’t consume, powdered sugar and sprinkles, yeast, specialty nuts, and basically any ingredient that’s not a staple in my diet. For me, bringing in a batch of cookies is a $30 endeavor.

Here are the results of my quest. They have become my go-to recipes until I graduate.