The Library’s Got your Back!


Visit us for face-to-face tech support at the Library Help Desk on the 2nd floor of the Parnassus Library:

  • Get help with encryption, virus and malware protection.
  • Sync UCSF email to phones, laptops, tablets.
  • Set up your wifi connection.
  • Exercise while studying in full service computer lab and media center.

Check out the Library’s study spaces, including 24/7 spaces:

  • Group study rooms; reserve one now!
  • 24/7 study on the main floor of the Parnassus Library.
  • UCSF-only quiet (and beautiful) study room Parnassus Library 5th floor.
  • Coming soon: The Hub and the Hideout at Mission Hall open in mid-October.

Ask us for help with all your information management needs:

  • Get help online or in person.
  • Find guides to online resources in your subject area.
  • Get to know the liaison librarian for your school or program.