Student Health & Counseling Services and the UC Student Health Insurance Plan


Student Health & Counseling Services (SHCS) provides comprehensive primary care and mental health care at two clinics. The Mission Bay clinic is located on the 3rd floor of the William J. Rutter Community Center and the Parnassus clinic is located on the P8 Level of Millberry Union West.

SHCS also provides wellness-related workshops and programs across campuses. These services are available to all registered UCSF students, regardless of whether they have waived the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP). (Exception: A student who has applied for reduced fees as a ‘Student Employee’ does not have access to SHCS.)

Services at Student Health

Student Health offers comprehensive primary care, urgent care, immunizations, physicals and preventive health examinations, mental health counseling, nursing advice and triage, alcohol and drug consultations, nutrition services, travel consultations and will assist in coordinating your specialty care. SHCS is the first point of contact for students and enrollees and will help coordinate all your healthcare needs.

These services are available to all registered UCSF students, regardless of whether they have waived the UC SHIP. For details on services please visit:

Primary Care visit can be scheduled online at  The link to the scheduling system can be found on the SHCS homepage.

**Please note, there may be a fee for some services if you have waived UC SHIP.**


Counseling and Psychological Services

SHCS offers short-term mental health counseling at both Mission Bay and Parnassus clinics for all registered students and UC SHIP enrollees. To schedule an appointment at SHCS, call or visit Student Health and ask to speak to a nurse about mental health appointments.

If additional therapy or long-term therapy is required, enrollees will be referred to a therapist outside of SHCS. For those covered under the UC SHIP, outpatient behavioral visits with a UC provider is covered 100% after $5 co-payment, visits with an in-network provider are covered at 100% after a $15 co-pay, and  out- of-network providers are covered at 70% after the $200 annual deductible.

SHCS also offers an after-hours mental health crisis and counseling hotline. Contracted therapists provide telephone intake, assessment and crisis counseling services during non-working hours Monday through Friday and 24 hours on holidays and weekends. To connect with a therapist, call SHCS at (415) 476-1281 and select option 7.

Wellness Programs and Outreach

SHCS is committed to serving the health and wellness needs of students. As an integral part of this mission, we offer wellness programs and outreach services that include workshops, lectures, small group series discussions, health education, and consultation services to the larger campus community.  These educational programs and resources include topics on general wellness, nutrition, prevention, student development, community building, and mental health and promote the development and well- being of UCSF students in meeting their academic and professional goals.

This fall, programming includes the annual Fall Hump Day Student Wellness Series, with topics ranging from Stress Management to The Perks of Being an Introvert; the Flavorful Fall Nutrition Series, with topics ranging from Cheap Eats to Nutrition for Women; Mental Health Awareness Week, focused on student self-care; and Success Series, with topics ranging from The Imposter Syndrome to Transitioning to Life as a UCSF Student. Visit for updates and the full Fall quarter calendar.

UC SHIP - Insurance Benefits

UC SHIP provides comprehensive health care including medical, behavioral health, and pharmacy services by non-Student Health practitioners and clinics. All medically necessary, specialty care, hospital stays, physical therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic care, prescriptions, lab tests, radiology services and more are covered by the plan if authorized by a SHCS provider.  UC SHIP is a three tiered benefit plan (UC Family, Anthem Blue Cross, Out-of-Network) allowing you access to high quality specialty care and flexibility to choose a provider of your choice. Primary Care Services are provided by SHCS.

If you are out-of-area you may request a referral to primary care from SHCS.  No primary care services outside SHCS are covered without a referral.

All UCSF students are automatically enrolled in UC SHIP unless an online waiver application is submitted and approved. Eligibility begins for new students at the start of their program. Coverage for Graduate Division and School of Medicine students is effective September 1st. Coverage for School of Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Physical Therapy students is effective September 17th.

UC SHIP complies with major Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) benefits. UCSHIP has no annual or lifetime limits on medical and behavioral health benefits, unlimited pharmacy prescription drug benefits, no caps on essential health benefits and has no pre-existing condition restrictions. Benefits added for the 2014-15 plan year include increased coverage for psycho-educational testing, coverage for genetic testing to assess risk for a variety of conditions and coverage for participation in clinical trials, both according to Anthem clinical guidelines.

Deductibles, coinsurance, medical copay and prescription copays now count toward the maximum set for out-of-pocket costs student pays in a benefit year.

UC SHIP also provides for dental and vision benefits. Vision and dental care do not require a referral from a SHCS provider.  For a complete summary of the UC SHIP benefits, please visit the Student Health and Counseling website: .

** UC SHIP Member ID cards for all enrolled students will be mailed mid-September. In the meantime, you can contact Student Health and Counseling to request a temporary ID. **


SHCS is your partner in managing your health. If you have an idea about how SHCS can improve services or if you have any question – please let us know. Feel free to contact Executive Director Susan Rosen, MD, or Director, Adele Anfinson, MHA, or submit an anonymous message by clicking the ‘feedback’ link at the bottom of our website. Student Health & Counseling Services is here to serve you!

Refer to our website - - or call us at 415.476.1281 for more information.