UCSF Housing Tips


UCSF's Housing Services strives to make living in on campus housing a pleasurable, convenient, and safe experience for all.

Tenants benefit from programs and events where they can learn about on campus resources and meet their neighbors.

Even if San Francisco feels like a big, overwhelming city, Housing Services is a safe haven, where people care about you and want you to succeed as a new resident of San Francisco. Staff members are quick to offer advice and resources for living in the city, getting around, finding affordable groceries and clothes and even how to find your next apartment.

Meeting neighbors and making new friends with people who are in the same boat, makes the experience of living in on campus housing an incredible networking experience and hopefully, a fond memory that they'll benefit from for years to come.

Here are some tips for being successful in UCSF Housing:

  1. Read the weekly tenant update and info on the digital signage in your building for important announcements.
  2. Attend Housing sponsored events.
  3. Become familiar with the front desk staff. They're your allies!
  4. Meet your neighbors, make new friends, or at the very least someone to borrow an egg from.
  5. Read your emails. That's the primary way Housing Services gets in touch with you.