If you could change ONE thing to improve the postdoc experience at UCSF, what would it be?

School of Medicine

P(ostdoc)-value* is a grassroots movement of postdocs at UCSF who believe the current training model is insufficient or incomplete. Our goal is to research and produce tangible action items for the university to act upon that would improve the postdoc experience. 

We are hosting an event to propose several ideas and seek feedback from the UCSF postdoc community as well as administration, faculty, and studentsAs follow up, we are seeking an audience with the chancellor to present the results of our work: up to five plausible and concrete action items that could be enacted at UCSF. We are actively coordinating our efforts with other concerned groups like the UCSF Science Policy Group. 

The event will take place on Monday March 2, 3:30-5 p.m. at the Mission Bay campus, Genentech Hall Auditorium.  If you’d like more information about P-Value* and this event, please visit our Facebook Event page or send us an email at [email protected].