Nominate Your Pick for Chancellor’s Award for Public Service

School of Medicine

The time has come to thank and honor faculty, staff, and students/residents/postdoctoral scholars who go above and beyond in service to our local, regional, and global communities! The Chancellor’s Award for Public Service Committee (CAPS) is now accepting nominations for this prestigious award.

Nomination packets due Tuesday, March 7. Nomination forms available at

Award for Public Service

Community service is inextricably linked to UCSF's mission of patient care, research and education and UCSF faculty, staff, students and trainees are actively engaged in public service in multiple local, regional and global settings. Each year this award recognizes and honors three individuals at UCSF—one faculty, one staff, one student/resident/postdoctoral scholar—who have demonstrated outstanding public service beyond the scope of their job, area of research, or training.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a UCSF academic or staff employee (with a minimum 50% appointment), or a student, a resident, or a postdoctoral scholar at the time of nomination (questions regarding academic status, employment, and enrollment eligibility can be answered by Human Resources or Student Academic Affairs prior to submitting a nomination).

  • Have not previously received the award.

  • Have exhibited and sustained efforts toward engaging in public service as delineated below by the "Selection Criteria.”

Selection Criteria

  • Base of Operations — demonstrates devotion to performing public service proportionate to their capacity to do so (some employees in higher level positions/jobs may have a greater capacity to perform public service more visibly than those in lower level positions).

  • Scope — demonstrates public service contribution(s) beyond the scope of the nominee’s job, research or training.

  • Effort — demonstrates significant output beyond the scope of the nominee’s job, research or training in the accomplishment of their public service.

  • Impact — demonstrates that their public service has resulted in long-term benefits to recipients and community at large.

  • Model Program — demonstrates that their public service resulted in a model or potential model for the establishment of other programs or activities.

  • Use of Resource — demonstrates minimal reliance on UCSF resources to perform their public service.

Additionally, a recipient of the Chancellor's Award for Public Service may also be selected to receive the Thomas N. Burbridge or the Edison T. Uno Public Service Award (click below on these awards for further information.)

Criteria for the Burbridge Award

Involvement in public service activities that specifically promote and bring about equal education and employment opportunities, civil rights, and social justice.

Criteria for the Uno Award

Involvement in a minimum of two unrelated public service activities with social, political, or civic groups that promote human rights and bring about social change.

Please submit all nomination material electronically by March 7.

  • Completed Nomination Form

  • One e-nomination letter delineating the nominee's contributions as related to the above “Selection Criteria” (specific examples per each criterion recommended)

  • Up to two e-support letters from those seconding the nomination on the Nomination Form attesting to the nominee’s contributions as related to the above “Selection Criteria.”