"Born and raised in Nigeria, I emigrated to the United States as a teen. Took a very indirect path into the research. Prodding by my community college professor and an interest to better understand brain plasticity drove me into research.

“I’m a research coordinator for the UCSF-Samsung Digital Health Innovation Lab and I’m also an associate for the Center for Digital Health Innovation helping to manage the outreach to startups and early-stage companies that want to work with UCSF.

Black and white picture of Ronald Reagan, Synapse cover entitled: the tuition battle-"bleed for UC"
A single front-page headline, reading “the tuition battle—bleed for UC,” was starkly superimposed on a full-page photograph of a well-known politician, standing stern-faced at a lectern. The lower left corner of the page read simply, “In this corner … Ronald Reagan, governor of California.”

"This is my favorite place on campus. When you are having a bad day, grab some Jamba Juice, head up the stairs by the library and enjoy the beautiful sights SF has to offer. We all need a mental break every now and then!”

Picture of Marquita Bowe

“I painted every major bridge in the Bay Area. I’ve painted the Bay Bridge, Richmond Bridge, Carquinez Bridge, and Benicia Bridge. I’ve also painted many of the overpasses on Highways 101 and 280.

Nicolas Strauli

“I like the artwork at UCSF. There’s Robert Arneson at Parnassus – the heads with pillars on top – I’m a big fan of his work. And there are some super funny paintings in Byers Hall.

Today, those needing a bone-marrow transplant are likely to be able to find a reasonably well-matched, nonrelated donor. This is thanks largely to having a very large pool of potential donors to draw on; there are currently more than 10 million people registered with the National Marrow Donor Program in the United States. A generation ago, it was a far different story, especially for people of color.
Pete Croughan and David Wu

"Just a couple MS1’s living that first year life. Many Tahoe trips are in our future --”

"-- Also UCSF formal."

"Also, neither of us have dates.”

Pete Croughan and David Wu

Anna Nonaka

“You’re supposed to start collecting teeth almost a year in advance, because it depends on how many offices you can go to and the types of offices they are - and they all give you different types of teeth.

Jason Cyster

"I used to be on the 3rd floor, now I’m on the 10th. I figured, I cycle to work anyway, so it's a way to get more exercise. I grew up on a farm in Australia and travelled in some poorer parts of the world during undergrad...