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To many students at UCSF today, Mount Zion is simply another campus, but until 25 years ago it was wholly separate, with more than 100 years as an independent, Jewish hospital.
Today, the most prominent divestment movement at UCSF is to withdraw from fossil-fuel companies. A generation ago, it was divestment from South Africa in protest of apartheid that was front and center.
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"Technology and science, once worshipped as the gods of our secular society, have lately been found wanting. People are wondering how the human qualities can be restored to a field which is now dominated by technology.
The brief article “Medical Student Wives to Greet Newcomers” catches the eye for its reflection of a markedly changed student body—one with far more women and far fewer married students. Furthermore in its use of a manner of naming now rarely seen outside of wedding invitations, it leaves the officers’ first names lost to history, or at least requiring some serious Google sleuthing to determine.


“What do you do inBODYJAM™?” My usual response is, “Imagine you were Beyonce’s back-up dancer. That’s what you do in BODYJAM™!” It is a cardio dance class that fuses music from today’s top hits with old school hip-hop, funk and global jams. I often find myself singing and laughing as much as I’m dancing and shaking it like a fool.

Geraldine Tran

The crowds of people, the challenges that lie ahead, the possibility that anything can happen may overwhelm an amateur runner as you enter your start carrel. However, once you start running, you realize that this race is ultimately about you.

Let me begin with a quick break down of the organizational structure of the baseball playoffs. Major League Baseball consists of two leagues: the National League and the American League.