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Before twenty five I have

Seen towers fall and dictators rise

As if history is a lever that seeks

equilibrium. I trust that the balance

It requires is on my side 

But even then I do not know which

Down, down I follow the sounds Of waves and winds murmuring Against the rocks 

My apartment fire escape overlooks a corner portion of the UCSF Parnassus campus.

[Part 2 of a photo series on life after 2020.] Right before the pandemic began, a Ferris wheel was built in the Golden Gate park at the center of San Francisco in honor of the 150th anniversary.
[Part 1 of a photo series on life after 2020.] It seems that 2020 refuses to recede into the past.

walking against the grain 

hyacinth coat hedged over the knee,

two legs stumble forward

fighting tension.


perhaps it is your skin,

brown-fringed hat

extra-large cup 

Kaleidoscopic luminosity, urban serenity, and vivid imagery –– these are the essential qualities exuded by this meta-illustrative, and regenerative, portrayal of the Golden Gate Bridge, and by conceptual extension, Golden Gate City.

January 13, 2021 One of these days I'll turn the right way when I exit the stairwell. I'll confidently walk down the hallway say hello to the nurses

How are you?

I Inhale.

And I’m quickly reminded that this was first real breath I’ve taken all day

How long have I been holding it?

fleetingly she glimpsed by ---

a backyard hummingbird fluttering,

feeding her hatchlings:


spiny, naked little things,

blind and squirmy,

perilously craning,


that grew feathers and left