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Picture of the Chamber Music Society performing
The Chamber Music Society at UCSF performed their winter concert on Dec 5. They also performed a Mendelssohn octet as the opening act for the Vocal Chords winter concert.
Picture of Vocal Chords a cappella group singing

The Vocal Chords, UCSF’s a cappella group, performs at their winter concert to a packed Toland Hall on Dec 6.

The Bay Area Science Festival (BASF) ran for 10 days this October, and Dr. Indre Viskontas was heavily involved.

San Francisco Performances’ Culture Card is the best deal in town for arts lovers.

Charlie Varon

Bernie Schein lives in a Jewish retirement home in San Francisco. He hates yoga, boutique shops, $6 cups of coffee and the people who drink them.

book cover of tell me again

“Expressive writing promotes both spiritual and physical healing,” according to Dr. David Watts, Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCSF, and his wife Dr. Joan Baranow, Associate Professor of English at Dominican University.

“It is difficult to get the news from poems yet men die miserably every day for lack of what is found there,” wrote the iconic physician-poet William Carlos Williams.

In my native language Shona, a popular aphorism advises “seka urema wafa.” Roughly translated, it means “laugh at a cripple when you are dead.” In Shona, idioms like this are called tsumo.

No OFF-button on the frickin' remote;
the tv hangs like an eye
which you watch prophilactically,
in case it might fall.

As a young medical student,

I sat across from my patient in the old neuro ward.

A retired high school English teacher,

I knew she was once quite sharp.