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In this 2012 release, jazz pianist and hip-hop producer Robert Glasper gives listeners a deep look into what survives and is subsequently generated when all his musical influences are boiled down to their essences.

Text Favorite Films of 2012

Last year offered some of the best cinema experiences I’ve ever had.

Jun Ting Liu

The American Nurse tells stories of caring across the U.S.

A wide range of uplifting musical performances, from a cappella to guitar and ukulele, highlighted the second annual Music Is Good Medicine Holiday Concert.

Band: Scissors for Lefty

Those of us at UCSF know Bryan Garza as a member of the facilities management team. By day he helps those of us on campus with various tasks but by night, he fronts the indie rock band Scissors for Lefty.

I'm going to give you two pieces of advice. First off, don't take my advice. It's a dangerous precedent to set. The last person who took my advice ended up in a PhD program. He does not return my calls. 

Combining two winning cultural elements, the Latino Association of Pharmacy Students (LAPS) kicked off the Salsa y Salsa with a salsa-tasting competition, while students of  the world-renowned salsa dancer Mario Luís Alabi put on a spectacular per

Master of My Make Believe, the sophomore album from Santi White, better known as Santigold, came out in May, but we’re reviewing it now because it continues to be such an amazing album.

Because I enjoy matinee prices, discussing a movie over dinner and still getting to bed on time, I’ll review these in the order I actually did them.

One area of adjustment for me during the start of medical school was cutting back on my indulgence in music and art.