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“We’ve never had the ability to change the fundamental chemical nature of who we are, and now we do.”

Welcome innocent. Born into this world

from the warm abyss that was once your only home.

Virgin sensations inundated with light and noise, you are still blind.

But may you feel the sun and follow it. Follow it.

Seated in plain sight he is invisible

The passersby halt for a moment to note

That something might be there, but they

Aren’t really sure.


She pauses a moment longer than most.

******* is a 50-year-old *******-speaking WOMAN, Present in the EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT. Immigrant from El Salvador.

They tell us we have options innumerable

An unseen multiple choice test, and even

Better - we do the grading. We set the rubric.

But some choices are traps and each time

Do you see me? And all that I am I mean do you really see me Past my illness and what ails me
The structure was almost complete.

As she balanced the near-finished creation on her head, the stage turned in a circle, allowing the audience to see her handiwork from every angle.

Editor's note: Ninad Bhat's "Patience" took second place in the Synapse Storytelling Contest creative writing, poetry category.

The room is encased in silence

Threads of conversation untwined for a moment

The Native Health Elective Coordinators, Association of Native American Medical Students, & Native American Heritage Month Planning Committee present a screening of Amá, a documentaryabout the forced sterilization of Native American women in t

My first day on rotations was your last day on earth.

This morning when you woke up, did you think it might be the last time?

I hope you had a nice breakfast.