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It is 4 a.m. in San Francisco.

Deep night overwhelms the emptiness.

I would like to stay in this dark forever.

I feel safe here —

no one knows my skin,

no one knows my religion,

My first introduction to music was my Mom. Growing up we would always listen and sing along as she played through her repertoire, anything from classical piano to Ray Charles to the Yiddish folk songs she grew up with.

I grew up in the San Diego area. From a young age I was interested in the arts and in poetry. I studied fine arts in high school where I was exposed to drawing, painting, printmaking, fiber arts, ceramics and metal work.

Rushing over to Cole Hall after the end of a small group meeting in the library, I was initially feeling a little cranky.

It all started with some blank cards (28 to be exact), a trusty old gel pen, some watercolors, and a challenge.

About these pieces: Part of a pastiche of The Humument by Tom Phillips, these pages were altered from a 1932 copy of A Shropshire Lad by A. E. Housman, found in one of many collections of “Free Books.” Sometimes I feel a bit intimidated by a blank page or canvas, so this was a great exercise to just play with whatever was originally on the page.

Poetry for me is a way to retrospectively mine meaning out of seemingly-significant moments in my life.

In college, I found it was difficult to fit in both studio art classes and laboratory time – both are long and grueling in their own way. I chose the laboratory, but figure drawing has been a way for me to stay connected to the visual arts.

Picture of the Chamber Music Society performing
The Chamber Music Society at UCSF performed their winter concert on Dec 5. They also performed a Mendelssohn octet as the opening act for the Vocal Chords winter concert.
Picture of Vocal Chords a cappella group singing

The Vocal Chords, UCSF’s a cappella group, performs at their winter concert to a packed Toland Hall on Dec 6.