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One hour into my first ED shift, my attending suggested, “go in there, examine your first patient and tell me what you find.”

Instead of performing a physical exam, I listened to what Alejandra said:

threads of cloud drape the hill

     like lace over a crib

drops of cloud fill the puddle

     like pearls in a bowl of tea

drape my face

     fill my mouth

be not the cloud

After a long day of running experiments and sitting in on lab meetings, it’s tempting to mindlessly drown your stress in a beer or two at the local pub.  While I wholeheartedly condone this practice, there are also many options to keep your bar-go

Where can you go dancing to a funk-soul DJ under a giant glass aquarium of a Philippine coral reef? Where can you stroll through a jungle and travel through the cosmos in the same night, all while sipping a cool cocktail?

This past Sunday marked the latest electronic music event in San Francisco, Finger Lickin’.

The Chinese Health Professional Student Association (CHPSA) is excited to celebrate the Year of the Horse with the UCSF community.

The Korean American Health Professional Student Association (KAHPSA) will hold a Korean New Year Celebration on Wednesday, February 5. The event will be held at 5:30 p.m. (Nursing Building, third floor, mezzanine) and everyone is welcome.

Amaluna is the fusion of the words ama, meaning mother, and luna, which means moon. The story unfolds on a mysterious island that is governed by goddesses and guided by the cycles of the moon.

Music has an extraordinary ability to heal — it enriches the lives of both physicians and their patients. There is a large community of musicians at UCSF, but the opportunity to share their talents and love for music has been limited.

Nobodys Boy Book Cover

Book Review: Nobody’s Boy: An Old Doctor and a New Science    
by Mike Denney