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PhD Comics, created in 1997 by Jorge Cham, catalogs the lives and times of graduate students and postdocs in an academic laboratory — and is loosely based on Cham’s experiences working in a robotics PhD program at Stanford University.

Each March since 1982, the Center for Asian American Media (CAAM) has put on a festival presenting stories illustrating the richness and diversity of the Asian American experience.

One week before the UCSF Formal, I began my mental and physical training for what I knew would be an uphill challenge. I had to be in the best shape possible to maximize my dessert- eating capacity at the annual Formal.

As the moon wanes, the end of the Chinese lunar calendar approaches, and many groups at UCSF prepare to celebrate the Year of the Snake, which officially begins this Sunday.  

After finishing a reading from her collection of short stories, an audience member asked author Louise Aronson what her dream job was when she was a child.

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The symphony evokes notions of magnificent concert halls and brilliant music.

Student performer at Spoken Word event.

When was the last time you listened to someone?  The last time you asked a colleague “How’s it going?” and actually cared to hear a genuine answer?

In this 2012 release, jazz pianist and hip-hop producer Robert Glasper gives listeners a deep look into what survives and is subsequently generated when all his musical influences are boiled down to their essences.

Text Favorite Films of 2012

Last year offered some of the best cinema experiences I’ve ever had.

Jun Ting Liu

The American Nurse tells stories of caring across the U.S.