This Date in UCSF History

Originally published on May 31, 1990. A small woman wearing blue jeans and tennis shoes stood nervously before a crowd of about 50 people, mostly women, in Toland Hall.

[Originally published in Synapse on May 24, 1981.] Abortion is under attack, again, in what may prove to be the most heated debate in Congress this year. At issue this session is the Hyde-Helms Bill.
[Originally published in Synapse - The UCSF student newspaper May 5, 1976.] Women representing women’s clinics and health organizations throughout California testified at a recent legislative hearing that women’s medical rights are being ignored.
[Originally published on May 1, 1979.] Stating that “women will be the new target of an attempt to reconstruct society on the basis of what is called morality,” Rhonda Copelon of the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York reviewed the political and legal history of abortion rights in this country.
[Originally published on April 26, 2001.] The changing nature of the relationship between academia and industry was the subject of the keynote address at the sixth annual Career and Research Day.
[Originally published in Synapse on April 17, 1980.] Dr. Nancy Gorham is a junior resident in emergency medicine at San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH); which is to say she has been orphaned. As of Dec. 5, the emergency medicine residency at SFGH was “discontinued.”

Originally published on April 10, 1980.

“Odds of 50-50 for a major earthquake in the next 10 years are by no means too great. One might argue that the likelihood is even greater.”

[Originally published on April 5, 1979.] The San Francisco Board of Supervisors two weeks ago dealt what neighborhood groups hope will be the final blow to a doctor/developer’s plan to build a 142-room hotel adjacent to UCSF.
[Originally publishing on March 25, 1977.] As the U.S. Supreme Court announced last week its decision to hear the Bakke case, organizations state-wide responded with rallies, forums and demonstrations protesting the California Supreme Court decision and its ramifications.
[Originally published on March 13, 1997.] A nationwide absence of radioactive waste disposal facilities has created a dramatic increase in the cost of radioisotope usage that is being felt strongly al UCSF.