This Date in UCSF History

Originally published in Synapse on March 3, 1983. In what may be a landmark case for women and minorities in residency training programs was decided in San Francisco last month.

Do you think that all citizens should have equal access to jobs and education? If so, how does one measure equality?

Originally published in Synapse on February 16, 1984. Next week, UCSF will be sponsoring a day-long symposium, “Affirmative Action in Higher Education.” The program comes at a key time — during Black History Month, and following a report

Originally published on February 12, 1981. Dr. Rosa Armstrong is not what might be considered the typical anatomist. As a Black woman, the Assistant Professor of Anatomy in Residence feels she has faced, and still confronts, the racism and sexism that pervades most U.S. institutions including UCSF.

[Originally published on February 5, 2009.] Last month we honored the birth of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and witnessed the inauguration of our nation’s first African American president, Barack Hussein Obama.

Originally published on January 19, 2012. This year’s keynote speaker for Martin Luther King Week at UCSF was Kip Fulbeck, artist and UC Santa Barbara professor, who delivered a multimedia presentation that was by turns hilarious, touching, angry and wise.
Originally published in Synapse on January 11, 2001. “Tonight, for the sake of our unity as a people and the strength of our democracy, I offer my concession,” a relaxed Vice-President Gore stated firmly in a speech from his Washington office on Wednesday, December 13.
Originally published in Synapse on December 11, 2009. Everybody wants to know the future and the UC Regents and UCOP (UC Office of the President) are no exceptions.

Originally published in Synapse on Nov. 30, 2006. Tobacco tax propositions in California, Missouri and South Dakota failed in the November election.

Originally published on October 25, 2012. On my Saturday afternoon walk across San Francisco, I ran into Abel, a young man in his mid-20s, who was panhandling at the corner of 19th Street and Dolores. As I walked past, he offered me a deal I found very peculiar, so peculiar in fact that I had to take it.