Humans of UCSF

Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA

Undergraduate Institution/Major: CSU Chico/Physics

Third year graduate student in biophysics.

Hometown: Maplewood, NJ

Undergraduate Institution: Syracuse University

Undergraduate Major: Public Health

UCSF Year/Class Of: 2020

Hometown: Pleasant Hill, CA

Undergraduate Institution: Hampshire College

Undergraduate Major: Developmental Physiology and Global Health

“My name is Rebecca Jaszczak. Yup, Snake Zebra Cat Zebra. It’s okay, you can be jealous of my mnemonic. My husband taught it to me. Some people just call me R. It’s not unlike the programming language, but we don’t live in a studio.

Science communication and media coverage are needed now more than ever.

“Hailing from France, I started as a Postdoc at UCSF 18 years ago. I now work at the Diabetes Center as a facility manager, and I also manage the Mouse Metabolism Core.

We’re both enrolled in a master’s program that is focused on translational medicine, which is the process of converting scientific knowledge into medical technologies.

Born and raised in a physician's family, I picked up an early love for medicine and went on to pursue a physician-scientist program in medical school.

I have always been curious and interested about how new technologies can improve patient care.

“Growing up with a background in dance taught me to appreciate the human body and movement at a young age.