Humans of UCSF

“While the buildings [at Mission Bay] are newer, we still have to track down certain parts to make repairs and we’re constantly working to make the buildings more efficient… [In my spare time] I have a 1971 Buick Skylark that I spend time restorin

Hanna Starobinets

"My mom is a biologist, so when I was growing up, all my bath toys were lab plastics. Eppendorf tubes, conical tubes, foam floaties, you name it.

Michael Powers

“I grew up in New Jersey (2 towns away from the Jersey shore) but moved to Phoenix in 1981 because I wanted to see the Southwest. There, I was trained to work on alarms. I stayed in Phoenix less than a year; I couldn’t handle the heat.

“It’s a little easier to drive the big diesel buses because you sit up higher and you can see everything around you. They’re a little older and a little quirky, but they’re fun. It’s actually difficult to transition back to my car after I’ve been driving the big buses because I sit so low.”

“I see the sunset over the ocean and mountains during late nights in Sim Lab. I walk home from the library at night, close my eyes, and I can smell all of the blossoms that seem to never stop blooming.

"Born and raised in Nigeria, I emigrated to the United States as a teen. Took a very indirect path into the research. Prodding by my community college professor and an interest to better understand brain plasticity drove me into research.

“I’m a research coordinator for the UCSF-Samsung Digital Health Innovation Lab and I’m also an associate for the Center for Digital Health Innovation helping to manage the outreach to startups and early-stage companies that want to work with UCSF.

"This is my favorite place on campus. When you are having a bad day, grab some Jamba Juice, head up the stairs by the library and enjoy the beautiful sights SF has to offer. We all need a mental break every now and then!”

Picture of Marquita Bowe

“I painted every major bridge in the Bay Area. I’ve painted the Bay Bridge, Richmond Bridge, Carquinez Bridge, and Benicia Bridge. I’ve also painted many of the overpasses on Highways 101 and 280.

Nicolas Strauli

“I like the artwork at UCSF. There’s Robert Arneson at Parnassus – the heads with pillars on top – I’m a big fan of his work. And there are some super funny paintings in Byers Hall.