Storytelling Contest

It was my first day off after a string of emergency department shifts as sub-intern, and I was sad. I wished that I wasn’t. I wanted to rewrite the feeling, as if I could delete it like a line of text and type in something hopeful and upbeat in its place.
This submission earned Nina Escueta the first place winner of the Storytelling Contest's creative writing category. Mangoes, ripe and green, to start off the day Balmy breezes singing, whispering ‘stay,’ Orange skies painting, fruit-filled trees bending

When you want to learn something new, the first order of business is practice. After putting in some effort, you can hopefully keep doing what you learned — whether it’s parallel parking or standing backflips — on the next day, and the next.

This submission by Lena Alazzeh entry won second prize in the 2019 Synapse Storytelling Contest photography category.

Tank Hill is a short, steep walk from Parnassus campus. While studying for the qualifying exam in my PhD program, I spent a lot of my days sedentary, just reading and writing.

Seated in plain sight he is invisible

The passersby halt for a moment to note

That something might be there, but they

Aren’t really sure.


She pauses a moment longer than most.

******* is a 50-year-old *******-speaking WOMAN, Present in the EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT. Immigrant from El Salvador.
With one hand pressed over the gash above my left eye in an effort to provide some hemostasis, I hurriedly walked into the nearest clinic that was open on an early Sunday morning.

They tell us we have options innumerable

An unseen multiple choice test, and even

Better - we do the grading. We set the rubric.

But some choices are traps and each time

“When does the Clinic open?” I hear amongst the bustle as I walk down the crowded aisles of beds at the Multi-Service Center South with my pen, notepad, and stethoscope.