Today, I continued the conversation with Rachel Kiichli (RK) the Senior Marketing + Community Manager at the Bi-Rite Family of Businesses.

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, bringing a warm reminder of friendly neighbors and the earth’s bounty. And, indeed, every day is worth giving a little gratitude to Mother Earth.

I step off the Muni at Embarcadero Station, and as I reach the top of the escalator I am immediately immersed in the sights, the smells, the excited hustle and bustle. The crowd peruses the offerings at a vast array of event tents. Individuals carrying to-go cups brimming with steaming goodness from a favorite coffee spot walk by others standing in line for a mile-high sandwich or an irresistibly colorful scoop of ice cream.
Brunch is simply a way of life. It embodies that lazy weekend morning when you sleep in and wake up naturally to a slow day with no rush. You climb out of bed and stretch, taking your time to get ready for the day without timelines, deadlines, or work commitments.

One night, after a friend’s birthday dinner, we all went to one of her favorite ice cream shops. I sauntered in and read through the blackboard list of flavors — only one stood out to me.

It was the first time I had seen such an art form made out of this. Each one took 10 minutes, layered with notes, colors and flavors. He poured, cut fresh fruit, picked from flowers and swirled, mixed and poured some more.

Following my previous article regarding the best coffee around Parnassus, I thought it would be even better to follow it up with the best coffee in all of San Francisco.

Image of a latte.

It was love at first sip. Moments like this remind me why I love coffee so much. The deep acidic aroma of the dark Turkish coffee stirred me while it bubbled in the cezve, a small pot designed specifically for Turkish coffee.

At a recent residency interview, a program director asked me if I had tried Swich, a new dessert destination in the Central Sunset.

While the word “lush” most often conjures up images of a night out with a lightweight pharm student, a new gelato joint on Polk Street has given the word new meaning.