After our recent East Bay ice cream sandwich debacle (Synapse 4/17/14, “Dream vs CREAM”), the Scoop team approached our next tasting destination—Over The Moon—with a mix of hope and trepidation.

When I saw the confirmation e-mail in my inbox from Lazy Bear, my heart felt like I just won the Yerba Buena Dream House raffle!

Lemon season for the Bay Area is just around the corner and I usually find myself with an excess of lemons to use.  For reasons unfathomable to my roommates and me, the previous owners of our house planted not one, not two, but rather 11 lemon tre

CREAM is a Telegraph Avenue staple, serving a big scoop of ice cream sandwiched between two freshly baked cookies for the bare bones price of $2. The line regularly extends around the corner and down the block.

Having been given the good fortune of sunshine on a much needed weekend off, I decided to head out to the East Bay for a casual hike and a hearty Eritrean brunch, both recommendations of my sister.

The rain has come, the equinox has passed and California is green again.  While our water reservoirs are still alarmingly low, local wild plants are now proliferating.  You might be surprised how many of those fresh green leaves and shoots are edi

When I saw the sign heralding the coming of Easy Breezy to the 9th and Irving corridor, I stopped in my tracks, my heart aflutter. Finally, a dedicated frozen yogurt shop in the Inner Sunset!

Sitting near Kezar Stadium at the intersection of several park-side neighborhoods, the location of Kezar Pizzetta might be considered by some to be no-man’s land.

The Three Twins Ice Cream Scoop Shop that tragically burned down in September of 2011 has risen from the ashes to serve ice cream to the masses once more.  Three Twins Ice Cream, which got its start in the Bay Area in in 2005, quickly became a San

In the last year I may have unknowingly boarded the DIY train and now I’m not sure how to get off, or even if I want to.