Growing up Chinese-American, I found myself caught between two cultures: the American culture I was born into, and the one that I inherited, the Chinese culture. 

San Francisco Beer Week 2014 Logo

It’s winter in the Bay Area again, which means two things: rain and SF Beer Week. Despite the unfortunate lack of the former, the latter appears on the calendar with clockwork regularity, this year from February 7-16.

Fellow Scooper Dawn Maxey and I were feeling adventurous over the holiday break, and decided to make a trip to the burgeoning metropolis of Palo Alto for some ice cream at a local creamery named Tin Pot.

Back in my high school, making coffee was simple. I had a small Mr. Coffee machine on the far corner of my desk, a gallon of generic bottled water under my chair and a bag of Maxwell Blend in my middle drawer.

There is little in this world that is as comforting and splendid as a perfect morning ritual.

In embracing my grad student identity, I began a search of potluck-worthy recipes that I could afford and claim as my own.

I had never heard the term “foodie” before moving to San Francisco.

Nestled on Irving Street in the chilly Inner Sunset, the InnerFog Wine Bar & Kitchen provides a snug, inviting place to duck into and retreat from its namesake, which often blankets the neighborhood. 

If you’re a fan of Pakistani/Indian cuisine and interested in finding the best place in San Francisco, then look no further than the Outer Sunset.

Gluten, from the Latin word for glue, is a mixture of proteins found in cereal grains, and is responsible for the elastic texture of dough.