As the weather grows colder and Christmas approaches, I look forward eagerly to one of my favorite holiday traditions.  Feuerzangenbowle, which I’m told translates to “hot tong punch or hot punch bowl,” is a time-honored holiday tradition

As December becomes the month of solid back-to-back holiday parties, I often struggle to find my place amidst a sea of excellent party hosts.

Entering the reservations-only room of Bourbon and Branch is like a scene out of a Prohibition-era movie. You approach the nondescript door with your posse in tow, unsure whether it’s the right entrance.

The Asian Health Caucus hosted its annual Iron Chef Competition November 18 at the Faculty Alumni House.

Cafe Sophie just opened this summer, but the shop, nestled on a quiet stretch of 16th Street between Sanchez and Church, serves up delicious cups of coffee like old pros — with a big assist from Verve Coffee Roasters.

It is not often that I hear “Oh no, this is the last bowl!” when my partner and I finally finish one of those endless pots of soup that we have been slowly carving away at, one bowl at a time, for the last week.

On a recent delightful fall evening after clinic, The Scoop crew found itself across the Bay looking for a way to pass the time before heading back to The City. Not surprisingly, the first thing to pop into our collective mind was ice cream.

What would you do if the food supply chain failed you tomorrow?

Mission Beach Cafe, located on 14th and Guerrero streets in the Mission District, is a self-proclaimed New American bakery, restaurant and wine bar that features fresh, seasonal, local and organic ingredients.

There is an art to signing up for a potluck. There are those people whose names always seem to pop up 30 seconds after the list is posted, right next to drinks, chips or cups/plates/utensils.