My restaurant connoisseur brother and experienced “foodie” friends all assured me that eating vegan in San Francisco would be easy and that restaurants are used to customers with dietary restrictions.

What do I do for fun? I BodyJam, run from the beach to the farmers’ market, sketch on my iPad … and search for butternut squash recipes (maybe the most of all).

This vitamin-loaded spin on the classic potato noodles is surprisingly simple. The only downside is the prep time, but that can be cut down by inviting friends over for some pasta-making fun.

If you happen to be a consistent reader of my column, then in the past week, you’ve spent $3,000 to $8,000 on a new old car.

While perusing groceries at the Haight Street Market, The Scoop staff spied a travesty in the freezer aisle: a pint of ice cream that cost a whopping $11.50 (by comparison, a pint of Ben and Jerry’s costs about $4.50).

During my last trip to New York City, I learned two very important lessons. The first is to never look up and take in the sights while walking, because you will step in an absurd amount of dog poop.

It’s 5 o’clock on a Friday in the Inner Sunset, and Social Kitchen and Brewery has collected a sizable happy-hour crowd eager to blow off some steam.

Since Nabe opened in January, I’ve walked up and down Ninth Avenue scoping out this new nabemono hot-pot restaurant.

February may be the shortest month of the year, but what it lacks in days it makes up for in craft beer.

You know you are in for a treat when you’re standing on a corner, eyes fixed upon your destination across the street, and a stranger in a nearby car rolls down his window to say, “That sure is one historic establishment.” And thus the stage was se