She went to the doctor today

And we told her she was sick


She didn’t need a visit to know

That unfortunate truth


She has a fickle parasite within

And it is resistant to all she provides


[Originally published in Synapse - The UCSF student newspaper May 5, 1976.] Women representing women’s clinics and health organizations throughout California testified at a recent legislative hearing that women’s medical rights are being ignored.
“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” -Aristotle
[Originally published on May 1, 1979.] Stating that “women will be the new target of an attempt to reconstruct society on the basis of what is called morality,” Rhonda Copelon of the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York reviewed the political and legal history of abortion rights in this country.
Listen to our latest podcast episode: Dr. Bob Wachter, UCSF’s Chair of the Department of Medicine, gained a vast twitter following during the COVID pandemic with his informative, direct, and sometimes personal tweets.

In June of 1981, San Francisco saw the first cases of what eventually became known as HIV/AIDS. They were atypical cases of pneumonia and purple tumors −consequences of secondary infections due to immunosuppression− in gay males.

[Originally published in Synapse on January 10, 2008.] For many people, ringing in the New Year is synonymous with setting goals and making changes for the coming twelve months in hopes of getting closer to what we consider our ideal self
[Originally published in Synapse on December 2, 1993.] David E. Smith, MD, founder and director of the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinics, began treating young people using LSD in 1967 and has been on the front lines of drug treatment ever since.
[Originally published in Synapse on November 21, 1996.] Before 1973, the year Roe vs. Wade guaranteed women the right to safe, therapeutic abortion in the U.S., David Grimes, MD, recalled visiting the septic unit of a Los Angeles hospital. Women seriously ill from botched illegal abortions lay in the twenty beds of the common ward. The ward was always filled to capacity.

Originally published on November 15, 1990.

Several prominent physicians who have devoted much of their working lives in recent years to the AIDS epidemic shared their insights with students at the Nov. 7 forum.