This entry earned author Henry Carter first place in the personal essay category of the 2020 Synapse Storytelling Contest, which he shares with story editor Le Wen Chiu.

This story was originally published in Synapse on September 21, 2000. Dr. David Satcher, the sixteenth U.S.

Originally published on May 4, 1979. Delivery of quality health care not only depends on the technical medical knowledge and skills of the health professional, but also on the patient’s perceptions of what is health and disease.

Originally published in Synapse on April 22, 1982. UCSF and other Bay Area hospitals participated in a drill of the state disaster system this week.

With one hand pressed over the gash above my left eye in an effort to provide some hemostasis, I hurriedly walked into the nearest clinic that was open on an early Sunday morning.
Originally published in Synapse on Nov. 21, 1996. Before 1973, the year Roe vs. Wade guaranteed women the right to safe, therapeutic abortion in the U.S., David Grimes, MD, recalled visiting the septic unit of a Los Angeles hospital. Women seriously ill from botched illegal abortions lay in the twenty beds of the common ward.
In the upcoming year, you will be walking alongside my journey and observing the world of diverse disciplines and passions of Global Health professionals through my lens. From political tensions in the Middle East to the interrelationship of neuroscience and ethics in the Bay Area to human rights protests in Hong Kong and China, I will cover global topics affecting the well-being of citizens.

“The purpose of a [clinician] or any human in general should not be to simply delay the death of a patient, but to increase the person's quality of life.” - Patch Adams, MD


Originally published in Synapse - The UCSF student newspaper March 11, 1999.

If you’re in the dental profession, you’ve probably heard about a documentary called “Root Cause,” which was released on Netflix earlier this year.