For decades, the war on drugs has been a staple of American federal policy intended to combat substance abuse. Yet today we see America in the midst of one of the largest drug crises in its history.

[Originally published in Synapse - The UCSF student newspaper, April 25, 1975] A woman with a large skin tumor had a recurring dream that she was climbing a tall mountain on a narrow trail to a place she needed to go.

Ironically, the time we spend training to help people and advance science cuts into the time we could spend with the ones we love the most. Constantly pushing yourself to exhaustion doesn’t just impact you. When you break, the ones you love the most are left to pick up the pieces, and it’s just not fair to them.

A clinical observation was made where a women who was once tormented and traumatized by an incident sits in a warm room comforted by a nurse and therapist who sit side-by-side.

Two UCSF clinical nurses are breaking new ground in treating a poorly-understood condition afflicting cancer patients, and their efforts are gaining traction and recognition.

When Dr. Mitchel Berger watched the Super Bowl last Sunday, he wasn’t watching the plays, the catches, and the many, many interceptions. He was watching the hits.

What do prescription drug costs, cigarette taxes, legalizing marijuana, and the Super Bowl have in common?

Despite the relative firestorm of anti-women’s health rhetoric that went on last year, a bill in Oregon that allows pharmacists to prescribe contracept

The article really inspired me to reflect upon my own experience in dental school thus far. Aside from the learning and the growth, there were also many challenges - one of it being learning how to prioritize my time.

Nearly 26 million people in the United States may have chronic kidney disease (CKD) and many of them are unaware of this.