It has been only 35 years since emergency medicine was officially recognized as a specialty, and yet in that time it has spread to almost every aspect of medicine and society.

SugarScience is a website developed by UCSF to act as an authoritative source for the scientific evidence about the effects of sugar on health and disease. It aims to educate the public and provide resources for medical professionals.

“Can stories teach us how to let go?” Dr. Joseph Pace queried the standing-room-only audience at “Social Histories,” an event bringing together physician–storytellers from around the Bay Area to contemplate the nature of mortality in medicine.

Knee pain is extremely common and annoying! Approximately 25 percent of adults have knee pain, and even scarier, the rate of knee replacements in the U.S. has surged to 87 per 10,000 adults older than age 65.

Welcome to UCaSeFiles, a column presenting short case vignettes based on the stories of real patients seen on the wards, followed by a brief discussion of salient learning points.

Pumpkin pie, turkey with gravy, holiday cocktail parties and family gatherings: This time of year is fraught with challenges that make it difficult to maintain healthy habits during the holiday season.

“Wow, there are a lot of women out here!” That’s the comment I made out loud as I looked at the world’s largest women’s running race that assembled in downtown San Francisco on Oct. 19th.

Fall is a busy time of year! UCSF’s gym certainly seems to be bustling as well, having rolled out several new programs: Motown Moves, Pre-Masters Fitness Swim, and a slew of outdoor programs.

Every day, rain or shine, the swimmers at the Bakar Fitness & Recreation Center are bringing their best to the pool. These individuals, serious about fitness, are part of the U.S.

Dr. Daniel Kelly

With the Ebola crisis showing no signs of abating in western Africa, one of UCSF’s infectious disease fellows recently returned to Sierra Leone to assist the government as well as local health care workers in their efforts to stem the epidemic