Osteoarthritis (OA) occurs when the cartilage lining the bone surface wears away. At its worst, OA leads to bone on bone contact, with debilitating pain that may eventually result in a joint replacement.

The human gluteus maximus is unique with respect to its substantial size and enlarged cranial portion compared to other primates.

Many of my columns have focused on orthopedic issues in physical therapy: the lowdown on running shoes, scary postural deviations and how to strengthen your neck.

“I have something going on with me I want to tell you about.” 

Recently I attended the Anesthesia Grand Rounds’ “Updates in Pain Management.” (Yes—we physical therapy students are involved!) The event featured many well-known practitioners, and a psychologist in particular brought my attention back to the dia

On Jan. 15, UCSF kicked off the semester with its second annual Informatics and Digital Health conference at Mission Bay Conference Center.

As San Francisco continues to be blessed with occasional sun, biking remains one of the most popular ways to commute. However, pain with biking also continues to plague many of us.

Similar to the low back, it’s difficult to determine the definitive cause of neck pain. However, neck pain can present with the following pain problems, with a likely cause listed next to the pattern.

As UC San Francisco transitions its personnel and operations from the Mt. Zion campus to Mission Bay, one critical piece of UCSF infrastructure will remain behind: the newly constructed Ebola treatment center.

Red/green colorblindness is a genetic, X-linked trait that affects upward of 7 percent of the male population in the U.S.