Hey Ilka! My jaw pops and clicks when I open it all the way.  Sometimes it feels a little stuck, and I have to shift it when I eat.  It doesn’t hurt, but what’s the deal?

Basics about the TMJ

The Inner Sunset is surrounded by three mighty hills—Mt. Sutro, Turtle Hill (aka Grandview Park) and Strawberry Hill—all three of which are widely under-appreciated.

As a physical therapy student at UCSF, I am often asked if I see people doing exercises incorrectly at the gym.  My answer:  all the time! 

Gym time is a hot commodity here at UCSF, and often all too scarce.  The following are quick, easy exercises that will help you tone up in class, or at least wake you up!

Dear PT-roomie, my knees touch when I walk, and sometimes I have knee pain after a long hike or spinning class.  What’s the deal?

It’s once again that time of year when motivations for maintaining New Year’s resolutions are disappearing or, depending on your level of dedication, have long been suspended.

Have you ever wondered what’s up with people running around in bare feet?  Or eyed those funky looking “shoes” with five separate toes?

What’s the scoop on minimalist shoe running? 


Dear Kenyeah Ladies,

I love y'all! Thanks for making me come here



Dearest Lisa,

Roses are #FF0000
Violets are #0000FF

All my base
Are belong to you

Lately, I’ve been surrounded by talk of superheroes. In the same way that learning a new word makes you hypersensitive to its sounds, I’m convinced that everybody around me is indicating their acquisition — or loss — of superhuman powers. 

As with many local tourist attractions, making the pilgrimage across one of the greatest bridges of America’s golden age is something that most residents of our fair city never get around to.