The Mission Bay campus, with its inviting green spaces and futuristic buildings, is an urban oasis rising amid the concrete and gravel of its immediate surroundings.  However, only once you’ve been to the fourth floor of the Bakar Fitness Center w

Lyme disease is a cruel illness, brought on in the United States by a spiral-shaped bacterium called Borrelia burgdorferi and usually transmitted to humans and animals by the bite of infected ticks.

San Francisco is a city of many charms, one being the accessibility of nature.  Most people rave about Muir Woods or Mt.

When it comes to improving your fitness level, a common complaint is the amount of time it takes to get in a good workout.

Which One Are You?

We will breakdown five common posture problems this week — texting posture, tablet posture, laptop posture, backpack posture and library sleeping posture.

During my first year of pharmacy school, I attended an alternative medicine Saturday elective where Dr. Dean Ornish spoke about the benefits of meditation and the effect it has on lengthening our chromosomal telomeres.

It seems as though March came quickly this year, and spring break will be here before we know it.

Living in the second-densest city in the United States, most San Franciscans don’t have much space for private gardens.  And while the city mandates composting, most people here don’t have room for their own compost bin out back.  The Garden is a

Student demonstrating an exercise for your back

Do you suffer from low back pain?  Is your back dreading that three-hour lecture tomorrow or a full day at the clinic?  You are not alone.

During the first couple weeks of medical school, my college advisor urged me to determine what was necessary for me to function at my optimum level, be it time devoted to exercising, music or art.