By Ray
Dear Ray, I am a 3rd year BMS PhD student. The topic of my rant suggestion is the extreme heaviness of many doors here at UCSF (Parnassus Medical Sciences and Mission Bay Genentech Hall would be two prime examples). In addition to frequently leaving me confused and annoyed, I believe these heavy doors to be a potential safety hazard: if I ever forget to brace myself and assume a proper wide-legged stance when opening said doors, then chances are pretty good that instead of pulling the door towards my body I will end up pulling my body into contact with the door.
By Ray
I still can’t attach a document to my UCSF email. Still. I don’t know how long it’s been since the majority of the U.S. population has switched over to Google Chrome, but I am still required to open that ancient relic, Internet Explorer, every time I need to attach anything to my email.
By Ray

As much as food is the purpose of life, it is the bane of my existence at UCSF. We who live to eat cannot survive on the same boring foods every day.

By Ray
Editor’s Note: Our friendly neighborhood MamaM has moved on to greener pastures.

Alan Ripwell, salesman for Divine Biological Inc., has assured several lab managers at UCSF that his company’s lab products are far superior to those offered by competitors.

Local biker Brad Undley shattered a personal record this morning when he broke no fewer than fifteen laws, caused five cars to swerve into oncoming traffic and still managed to get into work in less than twenty minutes.

New UCSF faculty members gathered together for the 27th annual faculty welcome reception last Friday. This year’s key speaker, Chad R.


UCSF recently announced the preliminary results of a years-long, multi-center investigation by the Worldwide Task Force on Unnecessary Ceremonies (WTFUC) on how best to restructure the traditional White Coat Ceremony.