“This past summer, my classmate, Tammy McCall, and I had the exciting opportunity to complete our health policy internship in Norway from June through August.

Start the school year off with the official UCSF Passport Discount Program, your destination to savings.

Do you want to gain teaching experience? Inspire young people in science?

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is picture.

The UC Board of Regents renewed five-year contracts for two highly controversial nuclear weapons laboratories on Sept. 18, 1987.

UCSF offers several resources to help students take advantage of the expanding career paths that have become available to scientists in recent decades. The first step is understanding the breadth of opportunities available to you.

One of my favorite things about San Francisco is all of its hidden treasures. Last Sunday, my friends and I stumbled upon one more: the Randall Museum.

For years we have known that spaceflight causes immune dysfunction, weakening the human body’s ability to fight off even the common cold.

“I love to escape the masses, put on a backpack and explore the mountains, or pick up and move to a new place where I don’t know a soul. It’s thrilling to feel so vulnerable.

If you peer closely at a drop of pond water with a microscope, what do you think you’ll see? If your answer is an amorphous amoeba, or perhaps a furry paramecium, you’re correct.

The headlines this summer have been marred by one disturbing theme: an attack on diversity in the United States.