Earlier this year a YouTube video entitled “How to Genetically Engineer a Human in Your Garage” circulated around my lab.

Originally published in Synapse – The UCSF Student Newspaper, Sept. 25, 2008

As scientists and healthcare professionals, we are experts. Despite our training status, our unique experiences and education give us the fuel to make raise awareness, make compelling arguments, and propose policy change.

Originally published in Synapse - The UCSF Student Newspaper on Sept. 28, 1978 After listening to their professors and administrators call them “the cream of the crop” for several hours, what could this year's entering medical students do? They gave themselves three lusty cheers.

Share you enthusiasm about science by partnering with teachers to being hands-on engaging science activities to student in San Francisco's public schools.

Do you want to…

…gain experience teaching?

This story originally appeared in Synapse - The UCSF Student Newspaper, Sept. 22, 1988

Protect yourself and everyone around with a flu shot offered free from Sept. 17 to Oct. 12, depending on the UCSF location.

According to the CDC, more than 15,300 flu related deaths were reported during the 2017-2018 flu season.

Seconds ago, I was staring at one of the scariest thing of all, a blank white page. Every blink of the cursor was like a demand, ordering me to write something now, now, now.

[This article first appeared in Synapse - The UCSF student newspaper, on Sept. 15, 1988]

A study of administrative practices at UCSF, commissioned by Chancellor Julius Krevans, concludes that sweeping changes are called for.

Learn how to make an impact with your science writing through a series of workshops on science advocacy focused on giving scientists the tools they need to effectively use their voice for the upcoming mid-term elections and beyond.