Picture of white and brown turkey

With November right around the corner, students are beginning to buy their tickets to fly home for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Do you want to gain teaching experience, inspire young students in science and contribute to the community by working with K-12 students? Science and Health Education Partnership (SEP) may be your answer.

The upcoming Sharecase conference’s featured afternoon keynote speaker will be Ron Conway, of the venture capital firm SV Angel.

On a recent delightful fall evening after clinic, The Scoop crew found itself across the Bay looking for a way to pass the time before heading back to The City. Not surprisingly, the first thing to pop into our collective mind was ice cream.

What would you do if the food supply chain failed you tomorrow?

Third-year medical students at UCSF recently spent a week discussing challenging cases they had encountered during their first six months in clinical training.

There are many reasons to breastfeed, and it’s likely that most pregnant women have heard them all … over and over again.

As with many local tourist attractions, making the pilgrimage across one of the greatest bridges of America’s golden age is something that most residents of our fair city never get around to.

For many San Franciscans, Halloween is that special time of year when inhibitions are tossed out the window and good times are allowed to roll.

Rides at the Puyallup Fair. Yes, we were there from opening to close, eating fair scones and purple cotton candy.