“You know what it is? It’s a golden handcuff with the key thrown away,” wrote John Steinbeck of San Francisco. Oscar Wilde echoed this sentiment, noting, “Anyone who disappears is said to be seen in San Francisco.

Presentation: “Blurred lines in epidermal wounding but not homeostasis”

Presenter: David Pardo.

The pipeline for under-represented minorities in research is leaky, largely due to a shortfall in the completion of PhD programs in the biological and other sciences.

Every year since 2007, Campus Life Services has put on a big, memorable party at UCSF Mission Bay. People from every campus come out to connect with the whole UCSF community.

Whoever said that scientists aren’t good communicators? At UCSF, students from all types of graduate programs are using their skills outside of the classroom, clinic and laboratory to communicate their ideas to a wide audience of followers.

In 2011, I had my son. It was an amazing and life-changing event. While not everything has changed (I’m still a grad student with all the normal school responsibilities), some things definitely have.

The UCSF School of Dentistry celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Research and Clinical Excellence Day on October 10. The dental school and most of the dental clinics were closed for the momentous occasion.

Last Tuesday, I found myself at Bazaar Café, a cozy venue in the Richmond that provides a welcoming environment for performers to play all-original music, and I was lucky enough to meet and listen to a fantastic pianist, vocalist, composer and vis

There is an art to signing up for a potluck. There are those people whose names always seem to pop up 30 seconds after the list is posted, right next to drinks, chips or cups/plates/utensils.

Psychiatric and mental health nurse Kate Melino understands the need for domestic violence screening in health care better than most.  During her two-year employment at Toronto’s Women’s College Hospital, she was paged to emergency rooms across th