My friend and I decided to do a photography, hiking and camping trip this summer to Wyoming, to see the oldest national park in the country, Yellowstone.

Until this past June, the first thoughts to come to mind when I thought about Egypt were delicious food, uncomfortable camels, mosquitos, plenty of sun and paradise.

Being accepted to the School of Pharmacy was the most treasured moment that I’ve experienced all year, but the acceptance was bittersweet, because it was accompanied with the sad realization that I had forfeited my rights to enjoy my very last sum

A lintel is the horizontal beam that spans an opening, such as a doorway, the quixotic old librarian explains to the audience in one of his many digressions. You feel as if it’s story time with Grandpa.

Got a long incubation time to kill? Waiting for your cells to spin? Bored in between classes? In class?  

Reviews of journal articles covering topics of Cancer Biology, Neuroscience, and Immunology.

Directors of dental clinics from across Northern California gathered at UCSF Parnassus last Friday, at a symposium to share their experiences in community health.

What does wellness mean to you?  Do visions of kale, aromatherapy and organic labels dance in your head?  Or is wellness simply the absence of disease?

“How is ObamaCare going to change our health insurance?” many students have been wondering. 

In mid-February, we published an article in the Synapse in the shadow of the looming Budget Control Act (BCA), more commonly known as sequestration or “the sequester.” We expressed the  hope then that policy makers in Washington, D.C., wo