(aka Why It’s OK You’re Still Sleeping with Your Ex)

We’ve all sat in front of our TV or computer screen watching this show or that movie, completely enthralled by the unfolding drama of a relationship gone sour.

Large social bike gatherings have a long history in San Francisco. 

The music of Bonnie and the Bang Bang sounds as if it would be best enjoyed from the back of a smoke-filled, dimly lit roadside bar, but maybe that’s just me. 

It’s one of the highlights of the San Francisco music calendar:  the autumnal rite of Bluegrass —Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, that is.

Reviews of journal articles covering topics of Stem Cell Biology, Immunology, and Physiology.

Presentation: "How to Get A-Head in Life: Rescuing Head Regrowth in Regeneration-limited Planarians"

Presenter: Christina Hueschen, second-year BMS student

Image says UCSF is 100 percent tobacco free

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

In response to my article opposing UCSF’s new tobacco policy (September 5), I have received enough reasonable critique to warrant a response.

“Don’t shut down the humanistic side. It’ll make you unbalanced,” intoned Dr. David Watts, a gastroenterologist and UCSF clinical professor of medicine, at the end of our interview.

The mood was festive as members of the UCSF graduate community flocked to Koret Quad last Friday to enjoy the second annual Fall Celebration, put on by the Graduate Division.