UCSF students have approved a referendum to change the student government structure by an overwhelming margin of 88 percent to 12 percent.

Black History Month in February is a chance for the UCSF community to highlight the contributions of African-American and black-identified individuals, to bring medical services to underserved area, and to foster discussions about justice and ineq

Reviews of journal articles covering topics of Immunology, Cancer Biology, Fetal Surgery & Immunology, and Infectious Disease.

Good surgery has a certain flow to it. The setup of the room has its feng shui. All the necessary materials are already prepared. The anesthesia team has a smooth intubation.

Ed Roberts

Volunteer: Ed Roberts, Postdoctoral Scholar

Organization: Maitri (Residential Care for People Living with AIDS)

The staff at teaching hospitals such as UCSF Medical Center are accustomed to seeing third- and fourth-year medical students — with their bulging short white coats and unique air of eager ignorance — on the wards.

The Chinese Health Professional Student Association (CHPSA) is excited to celebrate the Year of the Horse with the UCSF community.

Cake and death are the foundation of “Death Cafés,” according to UCSF anthropologist Dr. Shelley Adler, PhD. At these gatherings, diverse strangers come together in small groups, eat cake and talk about death and dying.

Chanting.  Hooting.  Hollering and clapping.  Words of encouragement echoed throughout every crevice of Cole Hall, as the usually staid lecture hall was transformed into a rambunctious theater last Thursday night. 

On Sunday, January 11, thousands of runners spent a morning feeding their sweet tooth. No, I’m not talking about the latest edible Gatorade product; I’m talking about the Hot Chocolate Run.