flyer for 2014 recepetion. tree trunk is a hand with many small handles as the leaves

Perhaps the best part about being in graduate school is meeting like-minded students: new friends who also love learning, intellectual conversations and have an appreciation for life in all of its complexity. 

A new student organization has formed that will focus on the dental needs of the Bay Area Filipino community.

There is little in this world that is as comforting and splendid as a perfect morning ritual.

In embracing my grad student identity, I began a search of potluck-worthy recipes that I could afford and claim as my own.

I had never heard the term “foodie” before moving to San Francisco.

A group of pharmacy school students organized a lecture series this fall to educate the UCSF community about precision medicine, an emerging field that utilizes the latest in medical technology and genome sequencing to analyze risk factors and pre

The time has come for society to start regulating sugar. Ask any professor in any health field if there are negative effects from excess sugar consumption, and the answer will be a universal and resounding, “Of course!”

As UCSF students, staff and faculty make the final push toward winter vacations, many of us will be going to bed with gluttonous dreams of baked ham and Linzer cookies.

Eating used to be simple. I think that past tense is something most people could agree with.

When it comes to baby food, I married a complete and total hippie, although this really only applies to our baby’s food, and not at all to what we, as parents, consume.