after the rain           a trace of smoke

          tinting the air          sliver of twilight

street lights              glistening

          on the road              a red car

speeds past              where

I remembered reading in one of my mother’s medical textbooks that back when medicine was first beginning to chart the dark expanses of the human body, enterprising men would dredge up the dearly and recently departed to sell to medical schools for

过香积寺 - 王维


不知香积寺, 数里入云峰。

古木无人径, 深山何处钟。

泉声咽危石, 日色冷青松。

薄暮空潭曲, 安禅制毒龙。


Going Right Past the Temple of Accumulated Fragrance

Wang Wei

I should have known from the way I saw him driving.

Got a long incubation time to kill? Waiting for your cells to spin? Bored in-between classes? In class?  Now, PhD Comics is a well-worn rite of passage for graduate students around the world.

Reviews of journal articles covering topics of Microbiology, Developmental Biology, and Physiology.

We read many inspirational books and listen to many seminars, and yet we are often surprised at how little progress we have made toward achieving our goals.

Students across the University of California system voiced a desire to improve their quality of health care by voting against benefit reductions and caps on health care coverage.  On May 1, the Council of Chancellors will make the final decision o

So I’ll just come out and say it. I am not a baker. I actually am pretty afraid of baking because I tend to turn cookies into scones, and brownies into some flavorless hybrid brownie/cake thing.

ASUC in bold with Student Membership Fee Referendum Visual over text

In the 2013-2014 Associated Students UCSF (ASUC) elections, professional students rejected the Student Membership Fee increase by a 14-point margin.