Originally published on Oct. 18, 1982 in Synapse – UCSF Student Voices. On Oct. 1 to 5, 200 North American health workers, armed with medical supplies, books, lecture outlines and clinical experience, travelled to Nicaragua to participate in the second U.S.-Nicaragua Colloquium on Health. We went to provide updated medical information on a broad range of topics and to observe first hand the health conditions in the country.

The Crucial Third is the second place winner of the Synapse Storytelling Contest's science writing category.

Originally published in Synapse - The UCSF student newspaper on Oc.t 9, 1963. A long-range plan to meet the physical development needs of the San Francisco campus until 1980 was approved in principle by the Regents of the University at their September meeting in Santa Barbara. The Regents directed continuing development of the plan for later consideration in detail. Meanwhile, authorization was given for an essential first step: relocating to a site across Parnassus Avenue from Moffitt Hospital the building that will house the expanded Out Patient Clinics. This structure, on which work will begin after July 1, 1965, was to have been located behind the present Clinics Building.

Science, public health, and corporate responsibly collide as community members of a West Virginia town struggle for their health against the malpractice of DuPont Chemical in the award-winning 2018 documentary, The Devil We Know: The Chemistry

A new report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine has concluded that a “systemwide change to the culture and climate in higher education” is the only thing that can stop sexual harassment in the sciences.

Thoughts from the Trauma Bay is the second place winner of the Synapse Storytelling Contest's personal essay category.

Earlier this year a YouTube video entitled “How to Genetically Engineer a Human in Your Garage” circulated around my lab.

Editor's note: Newborn is Frank Chang's winning entry into the Synapse Storytelling Contest, photography category.

Originally published in Synapse – The UCSF Student Newspaper, Sept. 25, 2008

As scientists and healthcare professionals, we are experts. Despite our training status, our unique experiences and education give us the fuel to make raise awareness, make compelling arguments, and propose policy change.