On Oct. 17, Dr. Paul Farmer gave a lecture in Cole Hall in which he outlined the methodology that his organization, Partners in Health, has developed for global health delivery.


By Venkateswarlu Kadiveti
Staff Writer

Life is beautiful. Life is amazing. Life is wonderful. Life is everything.  Above all it is precious beyond our imagination.

Multiculturalism in health care has evolved as a way to educate about and take care of people of different backgrounds. For example, sexuality, gender, class and ability are taken apart individually to address how they might affect a person. Most schools have lectures that talk about each topic on its own. But what may be more important is to understand the ways in which these identities interact with each other to produce the person before us.

Presentation: “Spare the bacillus, spoil the child: The microbiome limits iNKT cell numbers and protects against IBD and asthma.”

Presenter: Emily Bradford

On Thursday, Oct. 12, the School of Pharmacy held the annual White Coat Ceremony for its first-year pharmacy class, the Class of 2016.

The Latino Association of Pharmacy Students (LAPS) held its first Spanish Lunch Talk of the quarter on Oct. 17. The event was open to all students, faculty and employees.

Lunch included delicious cheese, chicken and steak quesadillas.

Never would any Giants fan imagine facing elimination in the playoffs, needing Barry Zito to pitch the game of his life.

When the LivingSocial deal offering tickets to the Dead Time Dreams Haunted Attractions in San Jose popped up in my email (which, for all the instructors who might be reading this review, I was not checking during class), I was initially skeptical

If you read my previous recipe for Coconut Curry Tomato Soup, you will know that each week at my house, we choose a theme and consume different kinds of foods based on that theme.

This year’s Associated Students School of Pharmacy Skit Night featured wonderful performances that showcased the talent and humor of students from the Pharmacy School.