Photo by Venkateswarlu Kadiveti.


By Venkateswarlu Kadiveti
Staff Writer

“Human life should be purpose-driven. The purpose is to uplift one’s own self as well as society.”

Because I enjoy matinee prices, discussing a movie over dinner and still getting to bed on time, I’ll review these in the order I actually did them.

One area of adjustment for me during the start of medical school was cutting back on my indulgence in music and art.

Reviews of journal articles covering topics of Neuroscience and Cell Biology.

“What do you do inBODYJAM™?” My usual response is, “Imagine you were Beyonce’s back-up dancer. That’s what you do in BODYJAM™!” It is a cardio dance class that fuses music from today’s top hits with old school hip-hop, funk and global jams. I often find myself singing and laughing as much as I’m dancing and shaking it like a fool.

Now that the cold rainy season has officially begun (non-Californians hush), sometimes all you want is a comforting bowl of warm noodle soup.

You have to rush to class, your experiment is taking longer than expected, or you have to catch the bus home. When do you have time to go grocery shopping and pick up some organic produce? On Wednesdays, from 10 a.m.

On Oct. 17, Dr. Paul Farmer gave a lecture in Cole Hall in which he outlined the methodology that his organization, Partners in Health, has developed for global health delivery.


By Venkateswarlu Kadiveti
Staff Writer

Life is beautiful. Life is amazing. Life is wonderful. Life is everything.  Above all it is precious beyond our imagination.

Multiculturalism in health care has evolved as a way to educate about and take care of people of different backgrounds. For example, sexuality, gender, class and ability are taken apart individually to address how they might affect a person. Most schools have lectures that talk about each topic on its own. But what may be more important is to understand the ways in which these identities interact with each other to produce the person before us.