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By a brilliant stroke of luck, your two Scoop writers were placed together in Alameda for pediatric preceptorships this quarter.

With a record of 8-2-1 and a commanding lead in their division, one would think it would be smooth sailing towards the playoffs for the 49ers, with none of the drama that surrounds other teams at this time of year.

During the first couple weeks of medical school, my college advisor urged me to determine what was necessary for me to function at my optimum level, be it time devoted to exercising, music or art.

If you take the UCSF shuttle to Mission Bay on a Thursday afternoon, you may find yourself outnumbered by animated physical therapy students.  While they may be dressed in the exercise pants and tennis shoes often associated with physical therapy,

A group of children from the movie A Closer Walk

Twenty-four years ago, two young men living in Switzerland, James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter — a San Francisco journalist and a public information officer — decided they had to make a change.

San Franciscans are a little obsessed with brunch. I know this because there are few things that require a reservation a month in advance that early on a Sunday morning.

Winter in San Francisco wouldn’t be the same without gliding across the ice with family and friends at the Safeway Holiday Ice Rink in Union Square. Starting November 7 through January 21, 2013. 


By Venkateswarlu Kadiveti
Staff Writer

The mystery behind all human misery is fear, and the secret of human fortune is courage.

I'm going to give you two pieces of advice. First off, don't take my advice. It's a dangerous precedent to set. The last person who took my advice ended up in a PhD program. He does not return my calls.