At the height of the COVID pandemic, amongst the tragic and frustrating challenges we collectively faced, one benefit emerged: a sudden lack of traffic on our usually clogged Bay Area freeways.

“Let’s move forward, safely together,” Uber tweeted yesterday on the company’s Twitter account while simultaneously announcing they are stepping back on the mandatory masking policy they have implemented throughout the COVID pandemic.

On Friday, February 4th, the United States passed 900,000 deaths from COVID, a figure that far exceeds the death rate in any other wea

At 12:30am on Christmas eve after ten and a half hours of public comment, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors

The culmination of weeks of political farce comes on October 7, when California voters will vote on whether to recall Governor Gray Davis and replace him. Let’s take a look at what might happen after the recall.

The description of heaven as an onion, having multiple different layers to explore as a metaphor in the chronicles of Narnia has always amused me.

Do you think that all citizens should have equal access to jobs and education? If so, how does one measure equality?

[Originally published on November 3, 1994.] Disgust is the overwhelming feeling that washes over me as I listen to the radio.

Four months ago, my father began experiencing debilitating joint pain, which first appeared with a progressively sharp throbbing in his left wrist, that was uncomfortable enough for him to notice but not enough to notify others about it.

A recent publication in Nature illustrates how innovative efforts to increase coronavirus testing across the US, such as those through the