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Good Vibrations should win an award for “Most Open and Friendly Atmosphere of any XXX Store.” Not that I’m any judge of sex shops (I’ve only been in one other), but the fact that they give sensual workshops throughout the month on top of their bri

As I venture through my third year of medical school, I am often reminded that not all babies are born equal. Patient rooms in the county hospital are filled with cheery physicians.

To raise awareness about a U.S. House of Representatives bill proposing to cut funding for food stamps, the San Francisco and Marin Food Banks sponsored “The Hunger Challenge” (sffoodbank.org/hunger-challenge-2013) in September.

Dear Editor,

In reference to “Let's Get Physical ... Therapy, Get Fit with Andrew” (September 26), we would like to second this recognition of a new avenue for physical therapists.

Got a long incubation time to kill? Waiting for your cells to spin? Bored in-between classes? In class? This week’s time waster will have you laughing — instead of crying — at manuscript rejection letters.

Nurses are often portrayed as hospital clinicians, and are seldom seen as public health administrators who make house visits to assess their patients’ health care needs and see that their medications are properly taken.

Help! I’m trapped in the lab ... because of myself! My advisor is really great and doesn’t pressure me to work in the lab 24/7. But when I’m not there, all I can think about is how I'm lazy and how I’m not getting work done. It’s so bad, that every time I want to do something fun, there’s a part of me telling me that I shouldn’t waste time and that I should be at work. This guilt is driving me crazy. What can I do about it

(aka Why It’s OK You’re Still Sleeping with Your Ex)

We’ve all sat in front of our TV or computer screen watching this show or that movie, completely enthralled by the unfolding drama of a relationship gone sour.

Image says UCSF is 100 percent tobacco free

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

In response to my article opposing UCSF’s new tobacco policy (September 5), I have received enough reasonable critique to warrant a response.