As many of us return from or look forward to holiday breaks with family — joyous, frustrating or difficult though they may be — there is also a larger family meeting we as healthcare professionals and Earth inhabitants should be taking part in: th

On this day 23 years ago, Synapse featured master’s and doctoral nursing students receiving prestigious research awards, scholarships and recognition for their studies and exemplar work in the field of nursing.

Climate change is a life-altering diagnosis for all of us. We’ve seen the coverage of massive storms, floods, droughts, and disappearing glaciers and sea ice.

I got really overwhelmed with my first year of school, and school completely took over my life. I stopped doing regular life things like exercising, eating well, and even doing most fun things like hanging out with my friends. As this new school year starts, do you have any advice for how I can maintain a better school-life balance in the next year?

On this day in 1998, in the seemingly not-so-distant UC past, the Synapse front page read, “One Year After Merger, UCSF Stanford Faces Unexpected Problem”.

My roommate also happens to be my classmate. She's really messy and constantly leaves dirty dishes in the sink, and clutter around the apartment. How do I maintain the boundaries between school and home?

Once again, it’s that special time of year when those registered to vote in San Francisco will have the opportunity to play a part in electing local government and changing laws.

In the first recent Democratic debate, Presidential candidate and Senator from Vermont reminded us that "Eighty percent of young people didn’t vote [in the last election].

Aerial view of UCSF parnassus campus in 1980.
Today, we have grown accustomed to fees increasing on an annual basis, to perpetual meetings with UC officials, and to student groups protesting against the outrageous cost of public education, a commodity that was once free to all Californians.
The recent 5000% price increase of a lifesaving off-patent drug ignited a firestorm but is far from an isolated incident. How can we control costs and focus more on value without stifling investment in drug discovery?