In 2015, evolution is considered an older discovery, and perhaps seems dusty to a generation piqued by CRISPR gene editing, pluripotent stem cells, and the still opaque mysteries of the microbiome.
The breast, or mammary gland, is a unique organ: it’s the only one that develops predominantly after birth – during puberty – in an organism with a fully-developed immune system. Early development trains the immune system to distinguish between “self” and “non-self” in an effort to prepare for all sorts of infectious attacks throughout life.
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As I sit at my lab bench, bent over an ice bucket cluttered with FACS tubes, trying to make some small discoveries of my own (and get a PhD before I’m 30?), I’m motivated by all the awesome discoveries that are helping humanity live longer and healthier lives. I’ve said before that today’s transformative technologies are driving the future toward us at a ferocious pace; I believe this is equally true of our understanding of the biology of human health and disease.
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Fabulous innovation is all around us. A typical day in 2015 would be so fundamentally unrecognizable to someone in 2000 that the phrase “I’ll snap a picture on my phone and send it to you through my watch” would probably not go down well in most social situations.
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I don’t know all the science behind winemaking. But my favorite Sonoma winemaker, ex-professor of particle physics Dr. Chris Loxton, sure does.

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T.J. Hu, a third-year BMS student

Without doubt, people don’t go to graduate school to make money. On the contrary, graduate students master an art of living on minimal wages while battling envy for the paychecks of their peers that hold ‘real’ jobs.